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Mr. Hunt's Form class 8B 

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Although the school schedules parent-teacher conferences where we can meet, these seldom coincide with the times that we need to meet to discuss a variety of issues.  Therefore if you would like to meet me for an informal chat please feel free to me to arrange a meeting.  

Form class morning routine 

Saturday Diary signing and House points.
Sunday Assembly in Drama Hall. Please go straight to Drama Hall NOT form room.
Monday SILENT reading of books, newspaper or magazines of your choice.
Tuesday Tutor work
Wednesday Weekly 'News quiz'


Form Photos from Year 7:

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nationalday011.jpg (33567 bytes)    nationalday009.jpg (53983 bytes)    nationalday008.jpg (54416 bytes)    

House points

At the end of the Year Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are given to those students who have collected enough house-points.  So how many house-points do you need?  See below, and good luck.

BRONZE  45 house-points         SILVER   80 house-points          GOLD  160 house-points


If you need to contact me then feel free to