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Internet Safety Concerns

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The internet allows your son or daughter to access a wonderful wealth of knowledge.  But it is also a portal to more unsuitable material on a variety of topics.  Batelco uses a server that does block much of the unsuitable material reaching Bahrain.  However it is impossible to block everything and some material will get through Batelco's server.

I hope here to give you some advice on how to monitor what your son/daughter is viewing and to put into your hands further information to help you help your son/daughter browse safely.

One point needs to be mentioned.  Email companies such as hotmail, will send unsolicited unsuitable material to hotmail account holders.  So please be aware that not all unsuitable material that reaches your son/daughter was actively sought by them!

So what can you do?

It is perhaps worthwhile to periodically use an image viewing software to view the 'internet cache'.  This folder caches images downloaded from the internet.  Another place to view is the 'History' folder of your web browser.  This will show a list of sites visited over the past week.

There are also internet site blockers such as 'Cyber nanny' that allow you to block out material you deem unsuitable...see links below.



The department for education and skills DFES, has launched a website specifically for parents.  click HERE to jump to the site.

Further links on internet safety:     Provides information about the potential dangers of unmoderated chat rooms.     Aimed at parents, its discusses the possible dangers that children might encounter and provides safety advice.