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Unit 1: Mechanics & Radioactivity

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Downloadable files

Syllabus for Unit 1.  Click thumbnail to enlarge.

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UNITS  If you think 'standards' are high tech, then read this.  It puts measurement into perspective!

SANTA CLAUS    Is Santa Claus viable according to the laws of physics?

BAROMETER      Time to think about how we answer those exam questions.


How to make an atomic bomb    Self explanatory really

The Cartoon Laws of Physics   What we all know really happens!!!


Bookmarks  Great animations 

BUILD A BRIDGE  Download the software and start bridge building.

ROLLER COASTER   Explore how the energy conversion works in a roller coaster.

MECHANICS HELP  General online help with mechanics.

MECHANICS QUESTIONS  Some general mechanics questions, though not past paper.

SIMULATIONS  Some simulations that you might like to try out

HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS  High energy physics

FERMI LAB  Visit the Fermi accelerator lab.

WAVE-PARTICLE DUALITY  Page about wave particle duality.

THE ELECTRON  All about the humble electron.

X-RAYS  X- rays and the electromagnetic spectrum.