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Unit 3: Astrophysics

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Downloadable files

Syllabus for Unit 3 astrophysics option.  Click thumbnail to enlarge.

GCE Physics Spec_028.jpg (182518 bytes)    

CEPHEID VARIABLES  Powerpoint presentation seen in class.

CCD IMAGING  Powerpoint presentation seen in class.

ASTROPHYSICS SUMMARY      Powerpoint presentation seen in class.

AREA 51 SPY SATELLITE IMAGE  Secret base the Americans are believed to have stored UFO's. 

TUNGUSKA     The mysterious explosion over Siberia!

BLACK HOLES    General FAQ about black holes.

PARTICLES     'Particles & The Universe'  A lecture in notes from the IOP

SOLAR SYSTEM SPREADSHEET    Modeling the solar system spreadsheet.


Bookmarks  Great animations.  Age of universe finally known :)

SETI       The search for real space aliens !!!

SOLAR TOWER      This is the link that you need for the solar rotation practical.

SOHO     Interesting link for solar information.

NASA      Self explanatory.

JOHN GRIBBEN      This author has written numerous popular science books.  Well worth a visit.

STARGAZERS      General space physics link.

ABOUT SPACE      General space information.

STARS & GALAXIES      Outline of star and galaxy formation.

SPARC      This gives you the opportunity to view current images of the Sun and solar activity

The Standard Model    Information about the current model!  Good site for news.  Astrophysics information locator.  Digital imaging primer.