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St. Christopher's Radio & Optical Astronomy Group

GPS Coordinates of St. Christopher's School: N26.1595, E50.5418

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Optical Astronomy

Optical observing sessions are now on.  The first set of sessions will coincide with the Huygen's probe landing on Saturn's moon Titan.  Come along and observe Saturn and its moon Titan.  

Year 12 students are required to attend at least one observing session before they start their PHY3 astrophysics module.  Download the map to get to the current observing site.

Remsoon map small.jpg (104488 bytes)


Radio Astronomy

St. Christopher's School currently operates a decametric phased dipole antennae to record real time 20 MHz radio emissions 

from the Sun and  from Jupiter.  A second antenna and receiver will be in place for January 2005 when Jupiter starts to rise 

and the Radio Astronomy community around the world phase its antennae to Jupiter.

Effects of Earth's upper atmosphere on radio signals     What is radio astronomy?  List of interesting radio astronomy sites.






Search for Extra-terrestial Intelligence

What are the chances realistically of you ever achieving scientific fame whilst at school?  Well now that is about to change.  At St. Christopher's we will form a SETI group to assist in the detection of extra terrestrial intelligence.  In Year 9 and 11 you will be introduced to SETI and we hope you will continue your SETI extra-curricular work long after you finish the short introductory module in your Science class.

If  you would like to join the St. Christopher SETI team then all you need to do is download the program onto your home computer and let the computer take the strain whilst you carry on with your everyday schedule. 



Click    to find out more about the SETI program and how you can help.

Click to check out how other members of our SETI team are doing.



1974 Arecibo message decoded.

Area 51 satellite image and some UFO info.

More about SETI and the most promising signals found.