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Unit 2: Electricity & Thermal

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Welcome to Unit 2.  I will be teaching the 'Thermal Physics' and Dr. West-Jordan will be teaching the electrickery.  During this unit we will also be introducing you to timed practical exams in preparation for the practical exam!!

Downloadable files

Syllabus for Unit 2.  Click thumbnail to enlarge.

GCE Physics Spec_025.jpg (183730 bytes)    GCE Physics Spec_026.jpg (209443 bytes)    GCE Physics Spec_027.jpg (169683 bytes)     

Basic physics of heat pumps.    A pdf file to download and print off.

Geothermal heat pump.   A pdf file to download and print off.


OSCILLOSCOPE  A virtual oscilloscope.

The Heat pump   An animation to help you understand!

Geothermal Heat pumps  Internet information page.

Thermodynamics and Ideal Gas law 

The carnot cycle and refrigerators. 

Bose-Einstein condensate.  The 5th state of matter.